Project Description

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Zildjian is one of the leading cymbal brands worldwide.
The history of this company, dating back to 1618, is unique and left them with a lot of experience in their field.
In their facilities in Norwell, Massachusetts, we had the chance to get an insight how their cymbals are built.

Following the process of a piece of metal becoming a high-quality musical instrument is impressive. High-tech machines and highly skilled employees working hand in hand to create the best possible product is a great thing to see.

But even if many steps of the procedure are very complex and highly engineered, in the end the only one person, the cymbal tester, has to decide if the cymbal suits the requirements of being labelled a Zildjian cymbal. There are only two of them working for the company. The only tools they are using are a drumstick and their ears.

The variety of sounds this company offers is defined by the range they set for every cymbal type. The cymbals are not meant to be exactly the same, but to be unique within a predetermined range for every model.

So whenever you think of buying a new Zildjian cymbal keep in mind what it took to create this very instrument. Make sure to check more than one cymbal of the same kind to find the one that suits your needs most!