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Vic Firth

Since Vic Firth started the production of drumsticks over 50 years ago, the company has become the world wide market leader in this segment. With very high quality standards, drummers all around the globe trust their products and use them on a daily basis.

We decided to give you an insight on how their drumsticks are made and where they are built.

We visited their facilities in Newport, Maine to do that and got to talk to their director of operations Amy Herrick about the production system.

It’s surprising and impressive to see how much work and how many small steps are necessary in this process. From being a piece of wood all the way to leaving the factory as a pair of Vic Firth drumsticks, they have to go through a large number of quality checks.

From inspecting the wood grain and the pitch to pairing the sticks by weight, many different factors are checked for with every single drum stick.

This way Vic Firth can provide you with perfectly matched pairs. How they can guarantee consistency due to these processes is impressive and important for the many musicians relying on their products.

Even though some processes are extensively automated, many steps are still done by hand. It is remarkable to see how many people are involved in this procedure.

So whenever you buy a new pair of Vic Firth drum sticks, keep in mind what it took to deliver those perfectly selected and well built drum sticks to you.