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Roland VAD Kits

Since Roland released their first electronic drum kit in 1985, they have launched various series of instruments. All of them have been featuring brand new technologies and developments regarding triggering, sounds and connectivity options.

With the start of the year 2020 Roland released two new drum kits.

The first we got to see is the TD-27KV. Replacing the TD-25KV, Roland provides their customers with new connectivity options like Bluetooth, auxiliary inputs, digital trigger inputs and additional outputs in their mid-price segment. The brand new TD-27 sound module comes with over 50 pre-installed drum kits, offering electronic, percussive and acoustic drum sounds. With the opportunity to load in your own sounds, you can customize the user kits to whatever you want them to sound like.

Also new with the TD-27KV are the digital 14“ snare and 18“ ride cymbal pads. Both offer a huge dynamic range and allow you to play classic cross stick sounds and to fade out the cymbal by lightly touching its surface.

This drumset is completed by a drum rack like all other Roland electronic drumkits before.

The new VAD line changes the look and feel of electronic drumkits completely. With wooden drum shells and tripod cymbal stands, the new VAD 503 and 506 gave us a chance to check out what looked pretty much like an acoustic drumset. The triggering technology is built into the drums sitting unterneath the mesh heads. Playing a 14“ floor tom instead of a 10“ e-drum trigger pad feels totally different.

The brain of the VAD series drum kit is the TD-27 drum module, also used for the TD-27KV. But even if the sounds and all of the software is exactly the same, the look and feel of this drum kit change everything you do with it completely.

Another thing that is similar to the TD-27KV are the two digital components. Even having the chance to use a third digital and three more regular trigger pads opens up the possibilities you have even more.

The new and thinner cymbals also give you a more natural playing feel.

All in all Roland presents a new line of electronic drum kits that closes the gap between electronic and acoustic drums. Having the looks of an acoustic instrument with the abilities of an electronic kit is a great thing to see.

Now check out how it looks for yourself and make sure to let us know what your first impressions of those new drumsets are!