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ReMix Brushes Product Review

There are many drum stick and brush variations available on the market, but the new Vic Firth Re-mix brushes tear down the borders between the two, defining a completely new range of products. Made of natural materials like broomcorn, african grass, birch and rattan, they provide you with a huge variety of sounds. You can also combine two of them and create even more variations.

While the rattan/birch option has attack just like a thin drum stick, the soft broomcorn ones are as quiet as light brushes. By combining them you get the soft touch of the broomcorn and the attack of the rattan. This really gives you a chance to have the best of both worlds at the same time.

This flexibility in sound will come in handy in many musical situations and solve problems that you might have been facing before.

While the Re-mix brushes work well on drum sets, they are also great for percussion playing. The soft touch of the lighter models sounds really good and warm on congas or bongos, while the harder materials work great on cymbals, cowbells or timbales. When combining them your own way, you can easily personalize your sound on each of the instruments.

So whether you are a percussionist looking for an addition to your setup, or a drummer wanting to create more small nuances in your playing, you should definitely check out the Re-mix brushes and create your own way to use and play them.