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Keeping Your Drums In Shape

In order to keep your drums in good condition as long as possible it is necessary to check your instrument for damages every once in a while.

Old drumheads produce less tone and may lead you to cranking up the heads to get the tone back. This might damage the lugs or the tension rods. Make sure to keep the tension of the head in a reasonable range and to change the drum heads whenever you don’t get the results you want within that range.

You can also check the inside of your drum when the batter head is removed. Make sure to take a look at the bearing edge and also clean the inside of your drum. Small parts inside might cause rattling noises while playing.

When installing the new drum head increase the tension equally on every screw. Otherwise you might damage the rim or the bearing edge.

Besides those details also make sure to listen out for unwanted noises. It is really easy to get rid of the most of them.

The angle at which you hit the drum heads or cymbals has a huge influence on how much damage you can cause. Keep that in mind when setting up your drum set.

So check out this video for even more useful tips on this topic and make sure to keep your drums in good shape!