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Dealing with Snare Buzz

Snare buzz is a common issue drummers are facing all the time. It happens while hitting a tom, the bass drum or when other instruments are playing close to the drum set the snare wires start to rattle.

In order to fix that problem and to get rid of the unwanted noise, you have to understand the basic principle behind it.

When tuning the drum set it is not enough to tune the drums all by themselves. You have to listen to how the different instruments work together and how they influence each other.

If the snare and the tom have the same tone, the snares will rattle a lot when you hit the tom. So make sure to always check the relations between the individual instruments.

If you want to reduce the snare buzz it is not enough to only change the snare drum tuning. It is important to also find the source of the phenomenon. That might be the Bassdrum, the tom or even a guitar amplifier nearby. Then check if you can change anything regarding that source.

Tuning a tom or placing a guitar amp differently might help you out. In this video we want to show you some simple tricks to help with snare buzz.

Even if those tricks will reduce the unwanted snare buzz, you will not be able to reduce it completely. Make it a part of your drum sound and accept that it is totally ok that the snare wires react to other instruments.

It is one of the most beautiful things about the drum set that the single instruments all sound different but still influence each other to form the overall drum sound in the end.