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Cymbal Hacks

Cymbals have a predetermined sound from the factory, while drums can be tuned and equipped with different drum heads in order to change their sound. In this video, we will show you different ways to change the sound of your cymbals while making sure that they will last as long as possible.

Before you think about sound choices, you should always make sure that you use cymbal stands with plastic protection around the metal shaft, as well as felts under the cymbal. This will avoid metal-to-metal contact and get rid of unwanted noises. Check out the video for a cheap and easy way to add protection to the stand. Also, if you can, use a hi-hat clutch that doesn‘t have any threading where the top cymbal sits. Small details like this will greatly extend the life of any cymbal.

There are musical situations where you need an altered sound from your cymbals. If you can‘t buy new ones, there are a few simple add-ons that might do the trick. The ones we tried are:

  • a bath chain, metal keys or a coin which was taped on
  • a ching ring
  • a nut–bracelet
  • small bells tied to a rope
  • tape
  • a kitchen cloth

There are no rules here. Try whatever you feel gives the cymbal the sound you need for the music. Now, go ahead and experiment yourself. Be sure to share your own personal cymbal hacks with us and the drumming community!