Project Description

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Coated Single Ply Drum Heads

When it comes to defining your drum sound drum heads play a major role. Small differences in thickness, material or coating can change the tone of a drum drastically.

Besides these factors different companies also have different approaches when it comes to developing the best possible product. This is why we compared three similar drumheads from the three big companies: The Aquarian Texture Coated, the Evans G1 and the Remo Ambassador. All of them are coated single ply drum heads made of a 10 mil film.
We compared them by checking the sound, durability and tuning range of every drum head.

Even when only looking at the drum heads’ surface you can see some differences. The coating of the Remo Ambassador is darker while the surface of the Aquarian Texture Coated is the roughest of all three.

For brush playing for example we preferred the Remo Ambassador. Its coating provides a good volume, yet it’s not as rough as the Aquarian Texture Coated which slightly hinders the brush movements. The Evans G1 is very smooth and might lack in volume at that point.

As you can see there is not one perfect drum head that works
in every situation. All these companies produce high quality drum heads following their individual philosophies.

Now you have to decide which drum head’s characteristics you like most and which one suits your needs best!