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Being A Touring Drummer

Summer, sun, festivals, the open air season is in full swing and many musicians are presently travelling from stage to stage throughout the country, Europe or even all across the globe. On the concert posters you can read a lot of artist names that let the hearts of the music fans beat faster.

Yet in order to set up a good show, much more people are involved than the event posters indicate.

But often the audience is not familiar with the names of the band members of an artist, although these don’t have to hide behind the talents of the front people and dispose of impressive experiences.

Therefore today it’s show time for some protagonists who currently are on festival tour with Max Giesinger and who notably take care of the drum beat: Lars Brand, drummer and manager of Max Giesinger, Lukas Ernst, Backliner & drumtech and Jens “Bubbes” Steffan, monitor engineer. In the new “Home of Drum” video clip these three allow us an insight into their lives and their everyday work on tour.

Lars and Lukas are the best examples for the variety the job as a drummer can imply. Both are drummers with heart and soul. While the focus presently is on the hopping from event to event, Lars as a permanent drummer of the Max Giesinger Band is also working as a studio musician after, before and during the festival season and as a manager he has also a lot office work to do. And Lukas in turn isn’t working with Max Giesinger as an active drummer, but successfully uses his drum know-how as a drumtech at the concerts to ensure the best drum sound. Additionally he is active as a music producer and drummer.

Bubbes is what you can absolutely call a Tech Guru. He’s at home on all kinds of stages and not only during the festival season. And even if his focus is not only on the drummers of the bands and even if he himself is not a drummer, he decisively contributes to the drum sound and ensures that all acts of a show provide the ideal sound via the microphones and speakers.

All three have music in their blood and yet these three only represent quite a number of other people you need to give a professional singer like Max Giesinger the opportunity to transmit his music from a stage to the audience at its best. A look behind the scenes always is worthwhile. And perhaps next time you go to a concert you’ll also have a look who romps about on stage beside the front figures. Be open to the stories and the colourful bouquet of skills you find on such a tour. One thing’s for sure: They are all worthwhile to receive attention.