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Being a Drum Teacher

What does it mean to be a drum teacher? We had the chance to get answers to this question from one of the best drum educators of our current time – Claus Hessler. Claus has a unique way of playing and teaching. He is an iconic musician when it comes to Moeller Technique, rudiments and open-handed playing. And his practical knowledge is combined with a vast amount of knowledge about drums, drummers and drum history. He is also a successful author of several drum books and DVDs.

Not only did he learn from one of the most famous jazz drummers of our last century Jim Chapin but also played and worked together with outstanding musicians like Mike Stern (jazz guitar player), Randy Brecker (jazz trumpeter, flugelhornist, composer) and many more.

In the video Claus reveals his approach of playing and teaching. He gives answers to many questions that are important for drummers who want to start a teaching career or for students who ask themselves what they can make out of their drumming.

Claus is the best example to disprove nasty statements like “a music teacher is a fallen musician” and explains why this attitude is totally wrong. In this video he gives advice what questions you should ask yourself before starting as a teacher. He shares his tips for practice room decoration, highlights why it is important to be prepared and have your training set-up ready before your students enter the room and gives guidance on recording yourself to track the playing progress. and shares his opinion how a good teacher can be identified. As well he unveils what he is proud of, how important the balance of touring and teaching is for him and which drummers are his biggest heroes or influenced him significantly.

This interview is a very inspiring source for all drummers and especially for those who took big responsibility being guides for upcoming drummers or those who want to start a teaching career because they are excited about sharing their knowledge.