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Being a Clinician

It‘s one thing to watch your drum heroes on YouTube or Instagram. But it‘s a completely different experience to get to see them in real-life. The best opportunity for that is a drum clinic. Join us as we get to meet one of today‘s most popular clinicians: Eric Moore.

We visited a clinic Eric did at „drumladen“ in St. Leon-Rot, Germany. The house was packed, and the audience was impressed by his playing, his energy and his personality. For a lot of the visitors, it was great to meet Eric in person. Most visitors said they came because they knew Eric through social media, but wanted to get a deeper insight into his techniques and maybe even get a chance to talk to him. In general, a clinic is a great opportunity to do that.

We also talked to Jonas Wickenhauser, the owner of the „drumladen“ music store. It is true that a clinic has benefits for both the visitors and also the host. For example, a music store does clinics for the drumming community, their regular customers and for fans to see their idols in real-life. Also, it‘s always good for a music store to have famous guests.

Organizing a clinic involves several different people. In this case there is the owner of the music store, Jonas Wickenhauser. He decided to host a clinic at his shop and contacted Nico Nevermann from GEWA Drums, the distribution for DW in Germany. Nico furtheron checked everything with the artist, Eric Moore, set the date and organized all the promotion for this event. He also accompanies Eric at the clinics to make sure that everything works out fine and to help him set up his drums every day. The third person involved is Eric Moore himself, having to prepare the clinic and thinking of a plan for the evening. Due to him being a very experienced clinician he has a lot of songs and material prepared for such events. So even if there are no questions from the audience, he has enough songs to fill the evening. Last but not least the audience is also important for a good clinic. If they participate well and have a lot of interesting questions to ask, a clinic can become even more interesting and special.

As you can see, clinics can be stressful, but also rewarding for everybody involved: the visitors, the music store, the distribution and the artist himself, who can play whatever he or she wants in a clinic. So, next time you visit a clinic, think about everything that has to be done in the background to make it all happen.