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5 Drum Hacks Every Drummer Should Know

As a drummer there are many situations where you need to create special sounds or want to play certain things but simply do not have the right equipment with you.
In those situations some simple drum hacks can come in very handy. By reusing parts of your drumset or bringing in totally non-drum related objects, you can easily change the sound of your kit or modify your equipment.

While the internet is already full of tips and tricks around this topic, these are five of our favorites:

  1. The Wallet
  2. The Drumhead
  3. The Cymbal Felt Mallet
  4. The Pizza Pad
  5. Upside Down

These simple ideas can help you out in various situations. But there is always more you can do. Stay creative and come up with your own new ideas. Whenever you want to change your sound or modify your gear, think about what you already have in reach first. Sometimes the solution to your problem might be easier than you think.

If you have your own drum hacks that every drummer should know about, be sure to spread the word and help the drumming community by sharing your ideas!